Some days ago, Nintex released a new feature for Forms in Office 365, the so called “Responsive Form”, which now coexists with the good old “Classic Form”. With the help of this feature users can create powerful responsive forms that directly work on PC’s, smartphones and tablets without more effort or further configuration like in the “Classic Form” experience. More information can be found in the Nintex blog:

This blog post is not about the responsive design features that come with the “Responsive Form”, it’s about another new feature that has been introduced, the new rule type “Set value”. I want to show you how you can use the rule type to automatically set the phone number of a chosen Department.


I created a custom list called “DepartmentsPhoneNumbers”. The list contains out of two columns (“Department”, “Phone number”). In this list, I created three entries:

Furthermore, I created another custom list called “Elements”. The list contains out of three columns (“Title”, “Department”, “Phone number”).

Implementation and configuration of the responsive form

After the creation of these lists I started with the creation of my responsive form in the “Elements” list.

As the new rule type ”Set value” is only available in the “Responsive Form” experience I chose the “Responsive Form” designer.

This is how the form looked at the beginning:

First, I deleted the “Department” control and added a “List Lookup” control. I configured the control to show all available departments out of my “DepartmentsPhoneNumbers” list. There’s no difference in the configuration between the “Responsive Design” and the “Classic Design”.

This has been the final configuration of the control:

Furthermore, I’ve made some simple changes, like changing the colour of the theme and changing the arrangement of the controls. Both steps have been very simple and everything worked without any problems!

Then I started with the creation of my rule. Therefore, I marked the “Phone number” control and clicked on “Add rule” in the ribbon.

The configuration of the rules feels a little bit different, but actually it’s the same as in the Classic Design. I named my rule “GetPhoneNumber” and the rule should fire when the “Department” control isn’t empty anymore.

In the “Then” section I then choose “Set value”, the new rule type that has been shipped with the new responsive design.

I configured the value section to set the value based on a lookup. The lookup function gets the phone number according to the chosen department. At the end, I published the form.

When I now create a new element in the list and choose a department, like “Consulting”, the corresponding phone number gets written into the phone number control.

The most important point about this is the fact, that I can now work the value, i.e. I can delete or change it. In the “Classic Form” experience this was only possible with the help of additional JavaScript.

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